While most people are aware of the key pieces of furniture they need for
their living room or kitchen, they may not realize that certain pieces
of bedroom furniture can improve the comfort and functionality of their
bedroom. Beyond just having a high quality mattress, you should also pick
out a few other bedroom furniture items. Here is a look at the
must-have items for your bedroom.

A High Quality Mattress

When you buy a high quality, comfortable mattress at your local mattress
store, it will improve your sleep for years to come. When searching for
the best mattress for your needs, consider the mattress’ construction,
materials, and brand. A good mattress can last 10 to 15 years with the
proper care, while a cheap, poorly constructed one may only last a few years.

Nightstands With Plenty of Storage

Nightstands are the perfect place to stow necessary bedtime items out of
sight. Your nightstand should have a drawer, a shelf, and plenty of space
on top for your lamp, phone, and an alarm clock. You’ll have everything
you need at arm’s reach, and can minimize bedroom clutter by storing
odds and ends in the nightstand’s drawer. If your nightstand has
a shelf, you can store books, magazines, or other bedtime reading material.

Comfortable Bedding and Pillows

You want your bedroom to be a comforting place that you can retreat to
for a good night’s rest. Having the right bedding and pillows will
go a long way towards improving your sleep, and in turn, your overall
health. Choose bedroom textiles that are pleasant but serene. Your pillow
should be firm, your bedding should be cozy, and you should have curtains
or window coverings that let in just the right amount of light.

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