There are a lot of alternatives available in the event that one chooses to go out looking for mattresses, for example, gel-based, memory foam, innerspring, hybrid, and even smart bed mattresses. Innovations have been continuously added to a normal mattress to make it comfortable, cozy, stress-relieving and of course for giving you a great night’s sleep!

Now with the lifestyle of people becoming more sedentary, the demand for more comfortable mattresses to soothe their body and back pain is continuously rising.

Many people like the way that a memory foam mattress molds itself to their body. Soft and resilient, foam mattresses spread the body weight evenly to promote restful sleep and better blood circulation.

Read on to know more about the characteristics and advantages of memory foam mattresses before choosing the right one for you.

What exactly makes the memory foam mattress so special?

Memory foam is made of a viscoelastic material, which absorbs energy and is considered soft. It was developed under a NASA contract to improve the quality of seats in their airplanes.

Due to its high density and soft nature, it became popular for cushioning under the helmet or in shoes. Later it became a household name when it was first used to make mattresses and pillows for providing a soft and comfy bed for people.

Since then, memory foam has dominated the mattress market. It is widely acclaimed for its health benefits and the properties that make memory foam more comfortable.

Top 5 benefits of sleeping on a memory foam mattress

  1. Supports alignment of the entire body
  2. Good Pressure relief
  3. Hygienic and Hypoallergenic
  4. Helps dissipate the heat from the body
  5. Easy maintenance and handling

Memory foam contours to the shape of your body

Memory foam mattresses have a higher density. As a result, it molds as per the body shape, providing complete comfort in all sleeping positions.

A memory foam mattress allows you to sleep in any position you love whilst maintaining a better spinal alignment, making it the best option for people who are conscious about their deteriorating posture.

Some of the memory foam mattresses come with stretchable, knitted ticking on the surface that improves flexibility, making them far superior at relieving stress on your shoulders, hips, and neck.

It relieves painful pressure points

Another benefit that people are less aware of memory foam mattress is it distributes pressure evenly throughout the body so that your body pain is alleviated.

At the point when you lie on the memory foam mattress, the warmth from your body mollifies it in suitable points, supporting the posture along the bends and curves of your body. This helps relieve painful pressure points and thereby promotes more restful sleep, especially for people experiencing regular back pains

Memory foam is much more hygienic than other mattresses

Memory foam is made of a polyurethane material which makes it better for hygiene, and to keep allergies at bay. Polyurethane foam remediates any mold, mildew and is resistant to microorganisms and dust mites which can make you sick and ruin your sleep.

Also, anyone who suffers from allergies should consider a memory foam mattress because it does not brew allergens in itself. However, proper cleaning of memory foam mattress is essential to keep the mattress hygienic and in excellent condition throughout its lifespan.

Memory foam provides superior temperature control

Most of the older memory foam mattresses were said to retain body heat which made them less comfortable in warm weather. However, the latest models come with customized shapes.

Now you can choose from various thickness levels of foam such as low density, medium density, and high density according to your desired comfort.

Further, a significant number of mattresses accompany some kind of cooling technology to maintain better airflow and help scatter the warmth from your body throughout the night.

Memory foam mattresses are shipped in a box

One more advantage of memory foam is it retains its shape well, so you can roll them up tightly for more compact and convenient shipping. This saves the hassle of heavy lifting or scheduling a traditional furniture delivery.

Moreover, compared to traditional materials which are hard to manage and clean, a memory foam mattress saves you time for its maintenance. They can be flipped and turned over for durability. This allows one side to rest and get its original shape back while you sleep on the other side.

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