Shared bedrooms can be fun for kids, but they also require you to be inventive
about how to use the space. When you’re choosing bedroom furniture,
it’s essential to pick pieces that will help you maximize the space
you have as much as possible, so your kids don’t feel cramped. Here
are some strategies you can use to make your
kids’ bedroom functional and stylish at once.

Choose Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are a no-brainer for a shared kids’ room. They allow you
to make use of vertical space, so that you can free up additional floor
space. Far from being a compromise your little ones will complain about,
most kids are thrilled at the idea of sleeping in bunk beds. The biggest
issue you may have is settling the argument over who gets the top bunk.

Use the Closet to Save Floor Space

Closets may start out with a fairly simple design, but you don’t
have to settle for cramming two kids’ worth of clothing onto a single
bar. Instead, tweak the closet to expand storage. You can accomplish this
by adding hanging shelves, over-the-door shoe holders, and hooks that
let you hang multiple items vertically. Once you’ve freed up that
space, consider putting a dresser inside the closet for additional clothing
storage without taking up usable space in the bedroom.

Give Everything a Place

Clutter is a surefire way to make a room feel small and overwhelming. Give
your kids a space to put everything with vertical shelving, hanging shelves,
and stacking bins. Don’t forget to purge your storage frequently
to get rid toys that are gathering dust and clothing that doesn’t fit.

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