Don’t let yourself be fooled by outlandish claims and crazy gimmicks.
When you want a mattress,
you deserve the cold, hard facts that will guarantee you a great night’s sleep. Here are some of
the myths you’ve heard and the facts behind them.

Myth: Mattress Tags Should Never Be Removed

You’ve probably seen the tag on the side of your mattress that says
something along the lines “If Removed, You Can Be Fined or Arrested”.
Upon reading this, most consumers never remove the tag for fear they will
end up in jail. This is a partial myth. If you purchased the mattress,
then you can remove the tag whenever you want; if you remove the tag in
the store, and you are not the owner, you could be fined or arrested.
Mattress stores and manufacturers recommend the tag never be removed in
case of returns or warranty issues.

Myth: Mattresses Should Be Replaced Every Eight Years

Replacing your mattress every eight years is not a set-in-stone rule. The
decision to replace your mattress comes down to how you feel after lying
on it. If you aren’t receiving quality sleep, and you have only
had the mattress for a couple of years, you may need to replace it. On
the other hand, you may be using the same mattress for over a decade and
feel fine. There isn’t always a set time limit to replace your mattress.

Myth: Mattresses Never Degrade

Of course mattresses degrade! Every night you sleep on it, it will lose
just a little more of its firmness and quality. The fabric will stain
and fray, and certain parts will sag. You may not notice it for several
years, but eventually a mattress can and will break down. Never believe
a salesman who tells you a mattress will never degrade.

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