Finding the right
mattress can be critical for keeping you comfortable throughout the night and promoting
restful sleep. If you’re preparing to purchase a new mattress, then
knowing some basic mattress vocabulary might make it easier for you to
find the right one for you. Keep reading for an introduction to mattress


Innerspring mattresses are the most commonly purchased bedding variety.
These mattresses use tempered steel coils to provide support, and the
spring unit is covered with layers of upholstery to add insulation and comfort.

Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses, also called viscoelastic mattresses, are temperature-sensitive
and made from a much denser material than a typical foam mattress. Memory
foam is made up of tiny cells that allow the mattress to mold to any shape
and then revert to its original form. Also, this material is resistant
to dust mites, mold, and mildew.


The airbeds of today resemble standard mattresses in appearance and rely
on an air-filled core for support, rather than springs.


Futons are flexible mattresses that can serve as beds at night and sofas
in the daytime. The mattress, as well as the frame, must be designed to
fold in the center. For this reason, futons are typically made of synthetic
fibers, cotton, or foam, or a combination of these materials.


When a bed is described as adjustable, this means that the head and foot
of the bed can be adjusted to provide the individual with a more comfortable position.


Also known as a box spring mattress, a foundation adds comfort to the bed
and absorbs a lot of the wear that’s put on the mattress. When replacing
your mattress, it’s recommended that you replace the foundation, as well.

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