Both the furniture you choose and its arrangement are essential in determining the levels of utility and enjoyment you are able to attain from your living spaces.  While there is no uniform way in which all rooms should be arranged, there are some universal tips you can follow to make the most of your living spaces without compromising your furniture or style preferences. 

Utilize the concept of feng shui.

If you have a penchant for relaxation or want positive energy to exude from your living spaces, arrange your furniture with a balance of yin and yang in mind.  Assess all options you have for placing your futons and other seating areas and choose the one you think best fuses your furniture, artwork, and the design of your home. 

Ensure every room has a focal point.

Sometimes the focal point of a room may be obvious before you even start furnishing it.  It could be a fireplace, a bow window, or some other architectural detail.  Other times, you may have to create a focal point by installing a television or even an intricate work of art around which you can arrange your sofas and futons. 

Apply the U-Shape Principle

Arranging your futons, sofas, and armchairs in a U-shape maximizes the potential for social interaction and typically provides all parties present with visible access to the room’s focal point. 

Remember that traffic paths are necessary.

Unless you want your company to trip and fall while walking around your house, always ensure that you make room for traffic paths between futons and coffee tables, beds and bedroom walls, and so on. 

Spacing Tips.

In addition to spacing furniture far enough apart to provide for traffic paths, there are some other spacing tips to keep in mind.  The ideal spacing to have between a television and a sofa facing it, for instance, is three times the width of the television’s screen.  Coffee tables are typically best set fourteen to eighteen inches from futons and other seating areas. 

Keeping these tips in mind while arranging your furniture will help you make great use of your living space.  To ensure that you enjoy your space, head out to Mancini’s Sleepworld for any futons, mattresses, beds, or massage chairs you may want to incorporate into your newly arranged home.

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