We don’t put enough energy into our beds. Throughout our lifetimes, we will spend a majority of time resting horizontally across mattresses that may or may not be comfortable.

Why should you dedicate all of that time to a bed that doesn’t put that much effort into your comfort?

  • Adjustable beds are comfortable and fun. They allow the user to control the angle of the bed. With the simple touch a button, you could raise your head to watch television or read, or raise your feet to find a more comfortable position. Of, if you’re feeling really adventurous, you could raise both at the same time!
  • Our spines are not completely straight, so why are mattresses? With an adjustable bed you can have the mattress support the curvature of the spine instead of putting strain on it like a regular mattress or futon would.
  • Remember how much fun it used to be to sleep in a bunk bed? The motorized foundation of an adjustable bed makes lying down a little more fun. You’ll sleep as soundly as you did when you were a child.
  • Sleeping on a completely flat surface hinders the way the blood circulates through your body. If your body isn’t curved at all while you’re resting, then your heart has to work that much harder to get the blood to all of your organs. Give your heart a chance to relax at night too with an adjustable bed.

The next time you see a mattress sale really ask yourself if you want to risk sleeping on a bad mattress or if you’d rather invest in an adjustable bed. It will improve your posture, let you sleep more soundly, and is just more fun than a regular, boring straight mattress.

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