With the wide range of brands to choose from, selecting a new mattress
can feel overwhelming. However, if your goal is to find something that
offers comfort and luxury, then a
Kluft mattress may be what you’re looking for. Continue reading to learn a bit
about Kluft and their products.

The Kluft Standard™

The Kluft Standard™ is the patented process by which the company
measures the perfect night’s sleep. This model has helped Kluft
reimagine the mattress industry with the use of chambers of air in between
the spring unit and the mattress top. This structure helps the mattress
mold to the sleeper’s body and promote quality sleep.

The Kluft Tradition

Kluft is dedicated to continually improving the luxury sleep experience.
The company was founded by master craftsman Earl S. Kluft, who is responsible
for creating a legacy of luxurious, signature creations that have been
defining world-class comfort for the past 10 years. Kluft plans to continue
to set the universal standard for elegance and style for generations to
come. The company understands that perfection is not a destination, but
a journey, and they push the boundaries of both technology and craftsmanship
as they fuse together their passions for innovation and all-natural materials.

The Kluft Method

The level of artistry and precision that can be achieved by crafting a
mattress by hand influences everything that Kluft creates, and the company
is always evolving to meet changing standards. Also, when it comes to
selecting materials for their mattresses, Kluft uses the highest criteria
and searches for the finest fibers and fabrics to help ensure the best
possible quality. Kluft establishes the standard for living in comfort,
and their luxurious mattresses are designed for those who demand the best.

At Mancini’s Sleepworld, we carry a selection of Kluft mattresses
in our San Francisco mattress store, so there is no need to compromise
when it comes to the
quality of your sleep surface. For details, please give us a call today at (800) 647-5337.