Electrical outlets, household cleaners, and sharp objects—these are all common things to deal with when you’re childproofing your home. But not all hazards are as easily identifiable. Many parents overlook the potential dangers of living room and bedroom furniture tip-overs. Televisions, in particular, injure thousands of children every year. 

Why Accidents Happen 

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), children sustained 12,300 injuries from falling TVs during 2011 alone. That’s a significant increase from a couple of decades ago. It was thought that larger, flat-screen TVs were to blame, but surprisingly, studies show that small screen TVs are the frequent cause of accidents. This may be because when a family invests in a large TV, they often move the older, smaller TV to a rec room or bedroom. It may be placed on a dresser or other unstable piece of furniture that kids can easily climb. Dressers are especially hazardous since kids can pull out the drawers and climb on them. 

How You Can Secure TVs and Furniture 

You can secure potentially unstable or top-heavy furniture to the wall by using brackets, braces, or wall straps. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. You can also install stops on dresser drawers. These prevent the drawers from opening all the way. When multiple drawers in a dresser are open, the dresser is more likely to tip over. Have your flat-screen TV mounted to the wall instead of keeping it on a stand. If you have an older CRT TV, keep it on a stable, low piece of furniture—not a dresser. 

What Else You Can Do 

Beyond securing furniture and TVs, you can keep your child safe by discouraging climbing on the furniture. Avoid placing remote controls and other tempting items on top of furniture that your kids might climb. Instead, put them out of sight in a drawer. Additionally, keep heavier items on the bottom drawers or shelves of furniture and lighter items on the top to reduce the possibility of a tip-over. 

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