Having trouble falling asleep? Can’t seem to
stay asleep? If you toss and turn for hours before finally dozing off, consider
the mattress beneath you. Despite spending a third of our lives sleeping,
many people don’t realize the importance of a
quality mattress. Besides being uncomfortable, a poor quality mattress can also cause all
sorts of problems at night while you should be resting up after a long
day. Here’s a look at some ways your mattress might be keeping you
up at night.

Back and Neck Pain

One of the leading causes for poor sleep is discomfort. If you experience
back and neck pain shortly after laying down, or if you constantly find yourself rolling
over and repositioning your body, your mattress is either worn out or
not designed for your body type. By finding a supportive mattress, you
will get better sleep and even start to notice improvements in your back
and neck pain.


One of the reasons experts recommend you buy a new mattress every eight
years is that old mattresses can be very, very dirty. Over the years,
mattresses can pick up scores of dust mites that feed on the dead skin
cells you shed naturally. According to WebMD, 20 million Americans are
allergic to these microscopic creatures. If you’re allergic to dust
mites, your old mattress may be giving you sneezing fits instead of sweet dreams.


This last one isn’t about your mattress per se, but rather how you
use your mattress. Using your mattress as your home office can be disruptive
to the brain’s natural bedtime mechanism, which can make it difficult
for you to fall asleep even if you’re exhausted.

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