A bedroom that is cluttered or disorganized may make you feel anxious or
scattered, which is probably not how you want to start your day. By revamping your
bedroom furniture, you can change the whole design and feel of your space. Whether you prefer
a modern, minimalist look or you want to give your bedroom a rustic cottage
feel, you can do it with the right bedroom furniture. Read on for ideas
on how to style your bedroom.


Choosing a decorating theme for your bedroom might sound like something
that’s just for kids, but an adult bedroom can certainly have a
theme, too. A pattern such as stripes can be repeated in different proportions
and colors throughout your space, whether it’s the bedding on your
mattress, a headboard, a rug on your floor, or the curtains on your windows.
You can place runners on your dresser or nightstand to further reinforce
the theme. Just make sure that you don’t overdo it, as too much
of one pattern can be a bit overwhelming to the eye.

Sitting Areas

Your mattress should be reserved just for when you’re ready to go
to bed. Instead of having that be the only place there is to sit down,
consider creating a sitting area with a loveseat or easy chair at the
foot of the bed. By creating different zones within the bedroom, you can
take full advantage of your space. This may improve your sleep, as you
can read, talk, or use your computer in the bedroom—but not in the
bed itself.


A stocked nightstand can make your time leading up to and waking up from
sleep more comfortable and convenient. You can put reading material here
as well as a lamp with soft light to create a drowsy environment.

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