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A mattress can determine whether your sleep is comfortable and refreshing or painful and restless. There are several mattress types available, and at least one is bound to fit your sleeping style. A thorough in-store testing at your nearby furniture retailer will give you a clearer picture of which mattress style works best for you. Before you head to the mattress store, take a look at these tips for deciding if a mattress is right for you:

Weight Consideration
Some mattresses provide firmer support than others. The heavier you are, the firmer your mattress will need to be in order to provide adequate support. Soft mattresses can make it difficult for heavier people to get in and out of bed. Innerspring mattresses have the firmest options available, while memory foam may cause an uneasy sinking feeling for some people.

Thermal Absorption
Temperature is an essential element of sleep comfort. While memory foam mattresses provide physical comfort, many people complain that these mattresses absorb heat too well and become too hot in the night. Fortunately, there have been innovations to memory foam mattresses in recent years to help them better manage the body heat they absorb. Within 10 minutes of your trial, you should know whether or not the memory foam’s thermal retention is right for you.

Movement Transfer
The person you sleep next to has to be comfortable as well. Otherwise, two restless, jostling bodies makes for a rough night. This is one area where memory foam beds are a no-brainer, as they absorb movement without transferring it throughout the mattress. Innerspring mattresses transfer the most movement, and may disturb you or your bedmate.

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