Adding new furniture to your home is an exciting time. Whether it’s a new sofa set for your den or new bunk beds for the kids’ room, bringing in something new and fresh is like giving a room a face-lift. Preparing your home for new furniture is essential to keeping the interior design of your room and home flowing beautifully. 

Know Your Space

If you are looking at those king-sized beds thinking how wonderful the extra space would be to stretch out in, you need to consider the size of your room. King-sized beds can be wonderful, but not if you only have four inches on either side of the bed to get in and out. Measure your room and take these dimensions with you when you shop for new furniture. A queen bed may not be your first choice, but it does provide good space for sleeping while also leaving more space in your room. 

Know Your Layout

Many homes have a standard layout for rooms that are perfectly square or rectangular. If, however, you have a home that is uniquely designed, you should consider the parameters of the room you’ll be adding furniture to. Make sure the size and shape of the furniture will complement the room it’s going in while still maintaining functionality. 

Moving Day!

When you’re sure the beds, tables, or other furniture you’ve selected will work in your home, it is time to make way for them. Move out any old furniture you won’t be keeping and make sure the path in and out of doors or hallways is clear. 

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