What is your bedroom like? Is it a peaceful place where you can go to get away from the stress of the day? Sometimes, we allow our bedrooms to become catchalls for overflow from the rest of the house, or places where we eat, watch television, or even work. It’s a far better and healthier idea, however, to make your bedroom into a beautiful oasis, where you can set aside anything that’s troubling you and get lovely restorative sleep.  

  • Choose quiet colors. Subtle, soothing colors like blue, lavender, and green can help you feel calm and serene, and jewel tones like warm browns and deep pomegranate can make you feel cozy. Keep the palette toned down, and avoid bright or primary colors.  
  • Keep your décor simple. No matter what style of decorating you choose, the bedroom should be a cozy, comfortable space. Furnish the room with only what you need, eliminating excess furniture and sticking to the basics: a bed, bedside tables, a dresser, and a chair are all you need in the bedroom. If possible, you might even consider putting your dresser or chest of drawers in the closet. Make sure your furniture is the right scale, keeping furniture in a small room small, and using large pieces only in large rooms with high ceilings.  
  • Make sure there’s plenty of storage. Nothing clutters up a bedroom more quickly than having nowhere to put your things. Use a custom organization system to maximize your closet space, choose furniture with plenty of storage for the things you need, and consider under the bed boxes for additional storage.  
  • Create space to read and relax. A comfortable chair with good light for reading may be just what you need, or, if you have space, you might consider installing a window seat.  
  • Make your bedroom cozy. Choose high-quality linens, keep extra blankets on hand, and layer textures to give your room a warmer, more inviting feel. Decorate with things that make you feel peaceful and happy, whether that’s cherished family photos, beautiful artwork, or fresh flowers 
  • Keep it cool and dark. If you’re going to be spending time in your room during the day, you’ll want to have window treatments that you can adjust to let in plenty of natural light. At night, though, a cooler environment is better for sleeping, and window dressing that shuts you off from the world is preferred 
  • Keep your room a screen-free zone. Televisions, computers, and even cell phones should stay out of your bedroom so that you can concentrate on getting a good night’s rest.  
  • Make sure your mattress and pillows are up to your standards. Shop around before you buy a mattress so that you’ll find the perfect one for you. Do your homework when it comes to pillows too, so that when you get into bed you have all the comfort you need to relax and get a good night’s sleep.  

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