It can be very difficult to fall asleep when your bed is occupied, but
you still want to fall asleep next to your loved one, no matter how difficult
that might be at times. Thankfully, there are ways to help couples keep
their relationship intact without buying a separate

Use a Sensation Blocker

Depending on how our partner keeps you awake, try blocking out the sensation.
If he likes to read in bed, but the light disturbs your sleep, then wear
an eye mask. Does he fall asleep to noise, but you need complete silence?
You can use ear plugs, or he can wear ear buds to listen in peace. You
may also wish to try a barrier of pillows to block out the noise or light;
or, if he tosses and turns all night, a pillow barrier might be particularly helpful.

Find a Good Pillow

Sometimes, whether you sleep next to someone or by yourself, a good pillow
may be all you need to get a good night’s sleep. Try to analyze
what is keeping you awake or what hinders you from reaching a deep sleep.
It may be neck pain or allergies, not your partner. Try out a hypoallergenic
cover for your pillow, and do not be afraid to experiment with various
pillow types. Once you find the right one, then keep replacing that pillow
as you need to.

Get a Bigger Bed

You spend a lot of your time in bed—hopefully 6-8 hours a night,
at least. It makes sense that you would make an investment in a new mattress
to improve your sleep. Many couples opt for king-sized mattresses in an
effort to minimize the shift of movement, or to give themselves more space
at night. Also, you may consider purchasing an individual mattress pad
if you prefer a different level of firmness from your partner.

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