The move from a crib to a
big boy or girl bed is a rite of passage. When your little one is ready to make this leap,
how can you make sure the transition is smooth? Get your child prepared
to make the move to a bed with these tips.

Make It Exciting

It will be easier to sell your child on the idea of giving up his or her
crib if you make it seem like something exciting. Play up the idea that
big kids sleep in beds and that he or she is so grown-up now that it’s
time to say goodbye to the crib. Point out friends, siblings, and cousins
who have beds and remind your child that he or she is going to be just
like them. Focus on the positive parts so that the first night in the
new bed is a thrilling and not scary for your little one.

Work On Your Bedtime Routine

A solid bedtime routine will make those first few nights in a new bed easy.
If your routine has fallen by the wayside, restart it well in advance
of when you get the new bed. When your child’s new bed is installed,
stick to that same routine. Keep in mind that your child will need a little
bit of time to get used to sleeping in a bed. He or she will be tempted
to get up and may feel scared without the comfort of the crib. Stay patient
and stick to the routine until the bed becomes normal to your child.

Choose the Right Time

Moving to a bed is a big transition, so don’t roll it into other
big changes, such as potty training or moving to a new home. Likewise,
don’t move your child to a bed and a new sibling right into his
or her crib. If part of the transition is about making room for a new
baby, do it well before you bring a new brother or sister home.

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