Along with futons and bunk beds, bean bag chairs top the list of the most fun furniture that you can buy. But where did bean bag chairs come from? Keep reading to find out. 

Retro Roots

The bean bag chair is a child of the sixties, but the exact date of its creation is up for debate. Some people think that Roger Dean created it in 1967, while other people think that Italian designers Paolini, Teodora, and Gatti made it in 1969. Either way, the bean bag chair has been entertaining children and adults for more than three decades, and continues to be an important staple at any bedroom furniture and mattress sale. 

The Beans

Originally filled with Styrofoam or polystrene beads, bean bag chairs used to deflate very easily. A flattened bean bag was not as comfortable as it was in its original form, which is why the popularity of the chair waned until the ’90s. Eventually bean bag chair makers made the transition from Styrofoam to shredded polyurethane, which made the chairs larger and more durable. 

Bean Bags Today

Some bean bag chair manufacturers have started to use scrap foam from carpet padding to give the chairs life. Studies have shown that bean bag chairs work well for children with autism. Since the bean bag chair provides a comfortable and safe environment, autistic children can relax amidst its soft support. Bean bag chairs only apply a very light amount of pressure on the body, which can serve to soothe a child with autism. They are also lightweight and easy to move, which allows the children to find a spot that really works for them.

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