The bedtime story is a time-honored tradition, and for good reason. Reading to kids before bed helps them relax, helps promote early literacy, and can even be an aid to sleep training. What’s more, it’s a nice way to bond with your little one, cuddled up for a story. Add these great bedtime stories to your child’s library.

  • If Animals Kissed Goodnight: This book uses soft illustrations and engaging rhymes to tell the story of a little girl wondering aloud how it would be if animals kissed goodnight.
  • Goodnight Moon: This one is a classic, soothing, simple, and easy to memorize. It’s a sweet little book in which a bunny says goodnight to things in his room.
  • Shh! This Book is Sleeping: This book, with its giant blue face that’s getting sleepy, encourages your child to actually tuck it in.
  • Where the Wild Things Are: The magical story of Max, who misbehaves and then sails off to a dream land of monsters before ending up back at home with warm supper, is whimsical and charming.
  • Goodnight Gorilla: This book is practically wordless, but the pictures are expressive and hilarious, as a mischievous gorilla follows the zookeeper around the zoo, letting out the animals.
  • A Book of Sleep: Your “wide-awake” child might relate to this wide-awake little owl as he swoops through the book, watching all the other animals settle down for sleep.
  • Pajama Time: Sandra Boynton’s illustrations are fun, the book is bouncy, and reading it turns bedtime into a pajama party full of dancing animals.
  • Sleep like a Tiger: This book about a spunky little girl who is absolutely not tired may be perfect for your little bedtime avoider. Her loving parents convince her to go to bed by talking her into sleeping like a tiger.
  • Llama Llama Red Pajama: Little llama needs to go to sleep but worries about being apart from his mama. In this sweet story, his mother reassures him that she’ll be near, and your little sleepers may find this reassuring as well.
  • Where Do Diggers Sleep at Night? If your toddler is truck obsessed,this book about construction vehicles heading to sleep is a great choice.
  • Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do You See? Eric Carle’s style is appealing and instantly recognizable, and this book in which each animal describes the animal on the next page is rhythmic and soothing.

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