A child’s bedroom is more than just a place for your child to sleep.  It is a haven.  A playground.  Every piece of your child’s bedroom is more than what it seems to be, and its furniture should reflect the room’s playful nature.

You want your child’s room to be perfect for both work and play.  A great way to liven up a room while adding extra seating is to introduce a bean bag chair.  They add a playful touch while being comfortable.  You can get them in vinyl, denim, twill, in traditional gumball shapes, or in clever designs.  Use interesting approaches when making a child’s room that will fit him or her.  Bookcases come in a range of sizes with various storage options.  Desks are often a necessity, but think about what would work for your child.  Kitchen tables or small secretaries can often do the job of a desk, and add to the room a special touch.

However, the most important article in a child’s room is the bed.  If you are interested in conserving space, consider using trundles or bunk beds.  At Mancini’s Sleepworld, we offer a range of furniture that is designed for multiple purposes—storage in shelves above beds, for instance, or drawers that can be stowed beneath beds and conserve space.  If you are looking for a way to make room, loft beds over desks or trundle beds are a great way to go.  Their unique build, moreover, will keep your child’s room exciting. 

If you are interested in being less mainstream, a race car bed might be the way to go.  What little boy—or girl—would not want a bed that provides not only a place to sleep, but the capacity to zoom away at a moment’s notice?  Whatever your decision, be it a bed that converts from toddler to twin, a loft over a computer desk, or even bunk beds with a trundle—perfect for sleepovers and more—Mancini’s Sleepworld has it!  We also provide mattresses at great prices during our mattress sale and in all the sizes that you need.  We promise your child a good night’s sleep in a room that is made just for them. Call us today to find your nearest location - (800) 641-5337.