There are many different factors that can contribute to insomnia, including
diet, genetics, overall health, and even sleeping on the wrong
mattress. If you don’t try to manage your insomnia, your risk of serious
health problems may increase significantly. Here are some of the ways
that you can fight back against insomnia and improve your health and happiness.

Upgrade Your Mattress

Sleeping on an old or poor quality mattress can disrupt your natural sleep
rhythms. You should visit a
mattress store near you and try out the different brands and styles of mattresses that
they offer. Many people with sleep problems find that a memory foam mattress
works well for them, as it conforms to the shape of their body and increases
their comfort. Others swear by Tempur-Pedic mattresses, or Beautyrest
mattresses by Simmons.

Try to Maintain a Regular Sleep Schedule

While it’s easier said than done, maintaining a regular sleep schedule
can reduce your periods of insomnia. You can re-set your biological clock
by going to bed and waking up at the same time every day, regardless of
how much sleep you got or what day of the week it is. Eventually, your
body will adjust to the schedule, and it will become easier to fall asleep.

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Your lifestyle significantly affects how well you’re able to sleep.
You should avoid taking naps during the day, as that will make it harder
to sleep at night. You should also limit your intake of alcohol, caffeine,
and nicotine, as they can severely disrupt your sleep patterns. Try to
avoid eating high calorie, rich meals within two hours of bed, and commit
to a regular daily exercise routine.

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