When most people shop for mattresses, they assume that they have to make a big decision between innerspring and memory foam. Although this used to be the case, now there is a third way: hybrid mattresses. With a hybrid mattress, you can get the best of both worlds by combining qualities of both innerspring and foam or latex mattress styles. Since many people are unfamiliar with these kinds of mattresses, they often have questions. Here are the answers to the queries that people tend to have about hybrid mattress styles.  

What is a hybrid mattress? 

As the name suggests, a hybrid mattress is a blend of two different mattress styles—in this case, innerspring and memory foam or latex. These kinds of mattresses have the same kind of coil set-up as innerspring mattresses, but they are enveloped inside a memory foam or latex outer layer. From the outside, the mattress looks like any other kind of mattress—the difference is only noticeable when you stretch out on it.  

What are the benefits of a hybrid mattress? 

Hybrid mattresses bring together the things that people like about both kinds of mattresses. Some people like the comfort of memory foam but miss the bounce and give of an innerspring mattress, while others feel like the support they get from innerspring feels good but they like the top-level softness of memory foam. With a hybrid mattress, you get both: memory foam cushioning and the bounce and give of innersprings.  

Who should consider a hybrid mattress? 

As with any kind of mattress, the best way to decide if a hybrid is right for you is to test a few out in a mattress store. Hybrid mattresses are good for people who are looking for pressure point support with the feel of a traditional mattress and for couples who can’t agree on which kind of mattress is the best.  

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