If you decide to get an adjustable bed, you will need an adjustable mattress to go with it. Every mattress does not work with adjustable bed frames, so it’s important to make sure the mattress you’re considering is appropriate. Once you find compatible models, many of the same factors that you consider when you choose traditional mattresses also apply to adjustable mattresses as well. Here is what you need to know.  

Look Beyond Innerspring 

Innerspring mattresses and adjustable bed bases are usually not a good fit. Most innerspring mattresses will not bend the way that is necessary for an adjustable base. You need something that can bend with the bed base and that will hold its shape, and innersprings will fight to go back to a flat position, leaving you fighting your mattress all night. Latex and memory foam are usually the best choices for adjustable bases, since they are flexible enough to bend.  

Think About the Adjustable Positions 

In addition to the general flexibility of a mattress, you should consider how well the mattress supports you in the positions you think you will use the adjustable base most often. For example, if you think you will be elevating your legs and sleeping on your back, the mattress you want may be different than if you want your adjustable bed mostly for propping up to watch TV or read without pillows. Test out the bed in a few different positions, so you can be sure the mattress works for all of them.  

Consider Your Preferences 

Just as when you’re choosing a mattress for a traditional bed, you should consider things like firmness and size. Don’t forget to also consider factors like allergies, back pain, and other things that can impact the comfort of your mattress.  

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