The right bedroom furniture can tie together the design of your space,
while also providing you with a cozy experience in bed. When you are
shopping for new bedroom furniture for your house, you will want to pick out a headboard that is both functional and stylish.
Today’s headboards come in a variety of styles that are suited for
all types of interior design schemes. Read on for an overview of some
of the most popular headboard styles.

Color Blocked Patterns

Color blocking is a top trend for both fashion and furniture. If you are
seeking a headboard that makes a beautiful statement in your bedroom,
you may want to pick out a piece that features color blocking. Using vibrant
shades that pick up other colors in your bedroom, you can create a headboard
design that really pops. Some popular color blocking hues include vibrant
greens, deep blues, and stunning reds.

Plush Upholstery

If you want your bed to be a luxurious and comfortable oasis, you may want
to pick out a plush upholstered headboard. Today’s upholstered headboards
come in many different patterns, ranging from modern stripes to ornate
paisley. With help from your bedroom furniture specialist, you will be
able to pick out the right upholstered pattern com compliment your living
room design.

Rustic Wood

To provide your headboard with a rustic appeal, you may want to choose
a piece that has been crafted out of wood. Wooden headboards range in
style from antique to modern. Some homeowners even choose to repurpose
other pieces, such as antique doors, and create custom wooden headboards.

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