You may be surprised at the number of options available to you when looking
at different types of
bed frames, especially at your San Francisco mattress store. There are canopies,
four-posts, sleighs, and more. Choosing the right bed frame for your mattress
may appear difficult, but fear not: Even though there are many bed frames
available, picking a good bed frame is often simply about personal preference.


Of course, the most practical consideration when choosing a bed frame is
the size. If it can’t fit, you can’t use it. However, this
is also something that can be easy to overlook. Just make sure that you
measure your bedroom’s and mattress’s dimensions prior to
looking for the perfect bed frame—and don’t forget to measure
height too! By doing this, you can readily determine if the headboard,
footboard, posts, or anything else about the bed frame simply won’t
fit where you intend to put the bed.


When trying to find the right style of bed frame, you’ll quickly discover the wide variety of styles available. However,
the most important part of choosing the ideal bed frame is simply understanding
the lingo. The fact that it’s called a sleigh bed frame doesn’t
actually change the way it sits in your room, after all. But if you don’t
know that what you want is called a “sleigh,” it could be
quite difficult to find.


Finally, be sure to consider the environment that the bed itself will be
sitting in. A modern-looking bed frame won’t match so well in a
less-contemporary room. Similarly, a rustic, hefty bed frame won’t
sit well in a room full of minimal modern art and white walls. If you’re
shopping with your children, let them have some input, as well!

If you’re still at a loss as to what would look best with
your bed and bedroom, bring a picture with you to compare against the candidate bed frame.
A picture can also come in handy to show your salesperson at Mancini’s
Sleepworld in San Francisco. For help with your bed frame purchase, browse
our collection online, or call us at (888) 541-2872.