Children's room

As your child grows, he or she will need to make the switch from nursery to kid’s bedroom. When the time comes to make the transition, you will need to decide how to decorate his or her space in a way that is practical but still kid-friendly. Here are some ideas for designing a bedroom that your little one will adore:

Choose a Theme
Your son or daughter likely has a favorite character, animal, or hero. Add some whimsy to his or her bedroom by using this figure as inspiration for the entire space. If your child loves zebras and giraffes, create a jungle oasis featuring animal prints and bright colors. You can also draw inspiration from a variety of other figures, such as pirates, superheroes, princesses, or astronauts.

Pick a Favorite Color
If you don’t want to decorate using a theme, consider using colors as your inspiration. Use shades of one color or choose colors opposite each other on the color wheel to create a space that is as bright and unique as your little one. For example, if your daughter loves purple, decorate with shades of lilac with touches of royal purple or yellow. Just be sure to use some neutral shades in your decorating scheme so you don’t overwhelm the room. 

Let Him or Her Help
The best way to ensure that your little one loves his or her bedroom is to ask what he or she wants. Take your child with you to the store and have him or her pick out his or her sheets or bedspread. He or she can also help you choose the best colors and accessories for the room. Your child will love his or her space even more when he or she gets to help design it!

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