iComfort bed

The key to getting a great night’s sleep is to find the perfect mattress to accommodate your body’s needs. Thanks to iComfort Sleep System technology developed by Serta, sleepers now have the option of personalizing their beds and mattresses to fit their preferences. Here is a guide to customizing your new iComfort Sleep System bed:

Maximize Luxury with an Adjustable Set
With the iComfort Sleep System, you can choose from seven adjustable models that move to accommodate the shape of your body and your preferred sleep position. These models come in pillow top, plush, and even extra firm. Regardless of your preference for firmness, you can customize your iComfort adjustable bed to your liking.

Enhance Back Support with One of Three Firm Options
For those who prefer firm support, there are three varieties of iComfort mattresses from which to choose: Genius Firm, Goodnight Refined Firm, and Prodigy Luxury Firm. Each features the same smart technology but offers its own unique memory foam benefits.

Sink into the Comfort of a Customizable Plush
If you prefer your bed to be on the soft side, you will love the plush options offered by Serta’s iComfort collection. In addition to the plush sets available for the adjustable models, you can choose a Renewal Refined, Savant, or Insight Plush mattress to add a superior level of comfort and luxury to your new bed.

Support Your Neck with a Personalized Pillow
When checking out all of your great iComfort Sleep System memory foam mattress options, don’t forget to take a look at the accessories that Serta has to offer. For example, you can choose from a variety of different pillows, including body contouring and scrunch models.

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