Do you have a well-appointed guest room? Whether it’s a dedicated space or just an area in a room also used for other purposes, a guest room should be a haven where your guests can feel welcome and at home. Fortunately, we have some tips for making that happen, no matter how much or how little space you have.  

  • Your guest room should be comfy. If you’re working with a full guest room, give your guests the best mattress you can afford. Whether it’s a queen bed or an air mattress, though, it needs to be cozy and comfortable. For an air mattress, add a memory foam topper, and whichever bed you’re using, be sure to use high-quality linens. Sheets with a high thread count, a luxurious down comforter, plenty of pillows of varying firmness, and extra blankets will make your guests feel pampered. Keep some fresh bed and bath linens readily available, so that your guests don’t have to ask for them if they need them. 
  • Make sure to stock your guest room with necessities. In addition to extra towels and bed linens, provide your guests with travel sized toiletries, spare toothbrushes, and anything else you can think of that you’ve ever forgotten when traveling. A blow dryer, iron, and some empty drawers or closet space with empty hangers will also be appreciated. Be sure to also have your Wi-Fi password posted somewhere obvious.  
  • Add some luxurious touches. Plush white robes, candles, and a basket full of snacks and water bottles will make your guests feel like they’ve landed in a top-notch bed and breakfast.  
  • Give them light for reading. Don’t forget to put a bedside lamp in your guest room, in case your guests want to read in bed. It’s nice to have lighting that adjusts, too, so that they can choose their own ambiance. Ideally, a ceiling fan is a great addition to make a guest room comfortable.  
  • Provide space to get readyA vanity or a desk can give guests a space to place their things when they’re getting ready. A small table and chair work fine for this purpose, and even if they’re mismatched it’s still a charming touch. Don’t forget the mirror, to make getting ready more convenient. A small mirror over the vanity area is nice, but if space permits, a full-length mirror is even better.  
  • Be sure to dress the windows. Adjustable window treatments allow guests to have the room at their preferred brightness, and blackout curtains are a considerate touch.  
  • Give it a personal feel. The people you will be hosting are probably friends and family members, so it’s a nice touch to have personal photos around. It gives the room a homey feel, and can also give guests an opportunity to stroll down memory lane.  
  • Sleep on it for a nightSpend one night in your guest room before hosting. That way, you’ll know whether the mattress is comfortable, whether the bedding is sufficient, and how the room is when it comes to light and noise. You’ll be able to make any adjustments and update it if need be before your guests arrive.  

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