The type of mattress you need depends on the type of sleeper you are. You might want to go as soft as
you can after getting terrible sleep on a rigid mattress, but softer isn’t
always better. You still need to support your body properly, and looking
at firmness ratings and professional recommendations can help. If you’re
wondering if your mattress is too soft, keep reading.

Level of Support

Sinking into a mattress at the end of a long day is a great feeling, but
you might not be feeling as great when you wake up in the morning. You
need a mattress that feels comfortable enough to lull you to sleep, but
it should also support your body so you don’t wake up with aches
and pains. If you feel like you haven’t been getting the support
you need from your mattress, you might want to look at one that isn’t
so soft. Find the right balance of comfort and support and treat your
body right throughout the night.

Firmness Rating

A mattress’s firmness rating will tell you how firm or how soft it
is. This can help direct you when you try out different options so you’re
not guessing randomly when you head to the mattress store. Once you have
an idea of what you like best, use this rating to find the right options.

Professional Recommendation

There’s nothing wrong with looking around online before you buy a
mattress, and this research process may lead you to find the best choice
for your body. However, it’s best to actually try out different
types of mattresses rather than making your decision based on descriptions.
No matter what you’re looking for, you should try out different
mattress styles and levels of firmness and ask the pros for advice.

You can’t tell exactly how a
mattress will feel from a picture, so you need to try out your options. Call Mancini’s
Sleepworld at (800) 647-5337, stop by our mattress store, or take a look
at our Serta, Sealy, and iComfort mattresses on our website.