Once you have a baby, you realize that she will quickly grow out of her
clothes, toys, and her bedroom furniture. However, you can easily keep
much of her furniture with her as she grows up. Take a look at these
popular convertible furniture options for your child:


Your baby’s crib is the perfect piece of furniture to follow her
into her teenage years. Popular crib designs have been made to be disassembled
and reassembled through the various stages of a child’s growth.
These convertible cribs can be transformed from a baby crib to a small
toddler bed to a teenager’s daybed.

Changing Trays

If you have a separate changing tray that is not attached to the crib,
then consider using this as future shelving material. Panels are often
in place to hold diaper supplies, but once the tray hangs on the wall,
those panels can double as small shelves.

Changing Tables

Changing tables often come with drawers meant to hold diapers and lotions.
However, you can utilize these drawers or open shelving areas for other
objects as your child grows. Your changing table can eventually become
a bookcase or even a small desk where your child can do homework.


There are different highchair designs that make them convertible into a
new chair as your child grows up. At first, the highchair will have the
necessary harnesses to keep your child secure. As she grows, those harnesses
can be removed, and she can use the chair normally at her converted changing
table desk.


Place a pullout loveseat in your baby’s bedroom to use during playtime
and story time. Once your baby grows up, she may use the pullout mattress
herself, or it will be an easy location for future sleepover friends.

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