If you have recently purchased an iComfort Sleep System bed or a cozy memory foam mattress but are still having some trouble falling asleep at night, you may want to examine your bedroom décor. The wrong color palette can make you feel anxious and reduce your ability to calmly drift off to sleep each night. When choosing colors for your bedroom to promote a good night's sleep, go for shades that promote tranquility such as light greens, browns, whites, and blues. If you want to add warmth and positivity to the space, then incorporate uplifting colors like pale yellow or orange.

green modern bedroom

In addition to carrying adjustable mattresses, gel memory foam beds, and mattresses from the biggest names in the industry, Mancini's Sleepworld also offers bedroom furniture to spice up your sleep space. From bed and dresser sets for you and your partner to fun bunk beds and loft beds for your children, we have a large selection of furniture that the whole family will enjoy. To learn more about making over the bedrooms in your home with our help, call (800) 641-5337.