Woman Sleeping

The iComfort sleep system offers the ultimate way to sleep your nights away. This Serta mattress line brings everything you need for a restorative, restful night's sleep. Read more about the different iComfort mattress models so you can choose the perfect one for you:

  • Wellbeing Refined

If you want the ultimate in sleeping comfort, the iComfort Wellbeing Refined is for you. This model has three layers of cooling gels to keep you cool and comfortable as you sleep each night, eliminating the annoying “hot bed syndrome” that plagues many people. These cool layers combined with memory and energy foam layers provide support, comfort, and pain-free sleep each night.

  • Renewal Refined

For people who want the comfort of the Wellbeing Refined but are watching their dollars and cents, the Renewal Refined is the optimal choice. With two layers of cooling gel materials, you'll keep the price and the temperature down as you sleep. You'll still get the memory and energy foams that Serta mattresses are known for, giving you the kind of sleep you've always dreamed of.

  • Goodnight Refined

This firmer iComfort mattress has two layers of cooling materials, plus the memory foam layer that eliminates pain and discomfort at night. This model is supportive and keeps you comfortable no matter which position you sleep in. Your good nights will truly be redefined with this Serta mattress and its impressive layers of foam, gel, and support materials.

  • Prodigy

If you want the plushest iComfort sleep system mattress available, the Prodigy is your choice. This model combines plush softness with support that will cradle your body in all the right places, relieving pain and promoting restful sleep. It also offers cooling technology that will keep you at just the right temperature.

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