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Sleep Tips

Sleep Tips

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  1. Blue Light and Sleep. What’s the Connection?

    There are times when you calculate everything right to keep your schedule intact. You watch the food, exercise regularly, and meditate too so you can have quality sleep nights. However, some small things you do to relax

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  2. How to Stay Cool While Sleeping?

    After a long and hard day at work or college, all you want to do is come home and chill out. Some like to hang out with friends playing games, and others like to tuck in with family for a night before going to bed.

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  3. Firm Mattress vs. Soft Mattress: Which Do I Need?

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  4. Goodnight Reads! Kid's Books for Night

    The bedtime story is a time-honored tradition, and for good reason. Reading to kids before bed helps them relax, helps promote early literacy, and can even be an aid

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  5. Using Tech for a Better Sleep

    According to the CDC, one third of adults in the US gets less than the recommended amount of sleep. We know sleep is important for our health, so what’s the problem? I

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  6. What do your dreams mean?

    Do you remember your dreams? Dreams are a universal human experience, yet, upon waking, many people don’t remember that they’ve dreamt at all. It’s thought, though, that even people who don’t remembe

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  7. Should you sleep with pets on the bed

    Are your pets allowed on the bed? Even among pet owners, and sometimes even in the same household, opinion is divided. If you’re in the “sleeping with pets” camp, you’re not alone. More than 60 perc

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  8. What Color Walls are Best for Sleeping?

    You’ve no doubt heard by now that you should probably be getting more sleep. Sleep deprivation seems to be a major problem these days, and yet even though we know this, some of us are still having t

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  9. Best Temperature for Sleep

    In most households, there’s a struggle- or at least a friendly debate- over thermostat settings. One person may enjoy comfortable temperatures year-round, while another just wants to save money on utility bills. The temperature at which you decide to set your thermostat during the day is a matter of personal preference, but experts agree on how it should be set when you go to bed at night. So what do they say is the best temperature for sleep?

    The short answer: somewhere between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. Keeping your room in this temperature range will help you stay asleep, while raising or lowering the temperature can cause your sleep quality to suffer. You may be restless or even wake in the middle of the night. In fact, researchers have found that on hot summer nights, people tend to experience abnormal sleeping patterns.

    What’s the science behind keeping your room at a cave-like cool temperature? It has to do with your body’s circadian rhythm, the shifting of yo

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