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Sleep Health

Sleep Health

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  1. Bedtime Stretching and Relaxation Exercises

    There are many natural sleep remedies like reading, listening to music, and drinking chamomile tea. Among all these natural ways to induce sleep, we often forget the benefits of bedtime exercises to sleep

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  2. What Makes Us Yawn?

    Every existing creature on the planet yawns regularly, including humans, birds, animals, reptiles, and fish. Even babies yawn when in their mother's womb, and ultrasounds depict that. Yawning is a universal experience,

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  3. Does Talking in Your Sleep Mean Anything?

    Sleep talking is a practice that occurs unconsciously while people sleep. It could be anything from mumbling sweet desires and uttering nonsense to fighting words. Sleep talking can become a part of daytime jokes for

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  4. How to Create an Optimal Sleep Environment?

    Many of us take our bedroom for granted, and that's a fact. There's so much that goes on in our lives that we forget to take good care of it. Of course, you'll clean the room, dust it, keep it tidy, but not perfect

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  5. How to Stop Oversleeping?

    Breakfast is a wholesome meal of the day, and similarly, starting your day energized is also vital. But oversleeping can harm that energy and give your day a rough start. Oversleeping generally happens when we’re s

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  6. How Does Stress Affect Sleep?

    With the kind of life, we have lived in the past two years, it is essential to prioritize mental health. We all need to put the stress of the global pandemic behind us and try to move forward. It may be difficult for

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  7. How Long Does it Take for Melatonin to Work?

    Disclaimer: This article is to provide you information and not medical advice. 

    Most of us have had sleepless nights, tossing and turning in bed trying to sleep, staying

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  8. Sleeping on Stomach is Good or Bad for You?

    According to Sleep Science, almost 20% of adults have the habit of sleeping on their stomachs. So, if you sleep on your stomach, then you are part of that minimal tribe. However, you are not among

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  9. How Much Sleep Do You Need Every Day?

    Some days may feel refreshed when you wake up, and other days you can't get out of bed. Although you get enough amount of sleep constantly, sometimes it just becomes hard to stay up. You may feel drowsy even after getting

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