Mattress pain relief near San FranciscoIt comes as a surprise to many to learn that chronic pain and poor sleep
quality go hand in hand. If you are constantly suffering from aches in
your upper or lower back or find yourself complaining of frequent headaches,
it may be time to visit a
mattress store in San Francisco to invest in a better bed. Here is a closer look at how changing your
mattress could relieve your chronic pain.

Fully Supporting the Entire Spine

Older, worn-down mattresses are often responsible for chronic pain in the
back because they are incapable of fully supporting every part of the
spine. In order to avoid aches and pains, you need to ensure that the
spine is supported at the base of the neck, at the mid-torso range behind
the belly button, and at the base above the hips and pelvis. A mattress
should resist pressure from bones and muscles supporting the spine, thereby
cushioning it.

Maintaining the Back’s Natural Curve

In addition to cushioning the back and surrounding joints at pressure points,
a mattress can improve or prevent pain by supporting the natural “C-shaped
curve” of the lumbar region of the back. In order to do so, a bed
from Serta, Beautyrest, or Sealy should offer plenty of space for you
to curve your body according to its natural form. It should also support
your hips, as tension placed on this body part will exacerbate back discomfort.

Selecting the Right Mattress

While it may be clear that the right mattress can
eliminate or reduce pain, it can be difficult to know which mattress is right for your particular
needs. Mattress store professionals are a great resource for guidance
and will likely encourage you to try out various models from quality manufacturers
like Serta and Tempur-Pedic. Make sure to upgrade your box spring as well
to get the best possible results.

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