Imagine you have some guests over and suddenly decide to spend the night. What do you do then since there are not enough mattresses to sleep? You either ask them to leave, making some excuse, or find embarrassing ways to accommodate them. You could ask them to sleep on the floor, but it is not a very good suggestion. Some guests may even find it insulting. Also, it is a bad idea to sleep on the floor during winters. 

This is where floor mattresses come to your rescue. When you have enough space on the floor, you can roll out floor mattresses and continue the fun night you were having. A floor mattress arrangement looks fantastic if done right. Your guests will be comfortable and may even compliment you for a beautiful décor that can happen with floor mattresses. 

Many people think that a floor mattress is just a piece of cloth filled with cotton and laid out on the floor. There are floor mattresses exclusively designed to be laid out on the floor and are not compatible with bed frames. You can try putting on a bed frame and sleep, but it’ll be unsatisfactory. On the contrary, a regular mattress on the floor will also not be comfortable, but the same regular mattress will comfort you when laid on a bed frame. 

No one suggests the other person sleep on the floor unless they are in chronic back pain or spinal injuries. However, even with those injuries, you are not supposed to sleep on the hard floor. That rings is to the following question.

Should You Sleep on the Floor? 

No, ideally, no one should sleep on the floor as it doesn’t support your skeletal structure unless you have a mattress, just like how we don’t use a bed directly and put a mattress on it before sleeping. The hard floor made of concrete or marbles creates overwhelming pressure on the body, which can cause some problems. Sleeping on the floor can also lead to chronic aches and pains in different body parts. Also, if you have chronic long-term pain in the lower back or leg, you should not sleep on the floor. 

You can choose a floor mattress if you like to sleep on the floor or don’t have a bed yet. However, to sleep comfortably on the floor, make sure that your mattress is made for the floor and not a bed frame. Yes, there are different mattresses made for floors and bed frames. For example, if you use a regular mattress on the floor, then it could cause mold and mildew growth on the side that is facing the floor. This unwanted growth because there is no ventilation for the mattress when on the floor. The mattress that is prone most to this kind of growth is a foam mattress. 

On the other hand, a floor mattress has no chance of growing any mold or mildew because it is designed to be that way. The side facing the floor will also have enough ventilation, and you will feel no mildew growth or moisture. The thickness of floor mattresses is also less compared to regular mattresses. You can fold and fit them into cupboards or slide them under the beds when you don’t need them. Many people also fold and keep a floor mattress when on road trips in case of unexpected stoppage. 

Why Should You Invest in Best Mattresses for Floor Sleeping?

There are lots of advantages of using a floor mattress, and some of them are given below:

  • Acquire Less Space

Many people live in small apartments, especially young people, and it’s not a secret. If you put in a bed frame or regular mattress, there is not much space left, and the place becomes smaller. For such scenarios, a floor mattress is perfect. You can lay down a floor mattress in less area, be comfortable, and free some space for your everyday activities too. 

  • Money-Saving

When you go out to buy a new mattress and a bed frame, you will realize that they cost thousands of dollars. Also, if you are relocating to another city, then it’s not good to invest so much money right after moving. So, with floor mattresses, you don’t spend a lot and don’t compromise on comfort either. Isn’t that a life hack?

  • Easy to Move

The above statement makes you realize why owning a regular mattress is not good when moving from one place to another. Similarly, a floor mattress is foldable and easier to carry or move from one place to another. 

  • Accommodate Guests

If you have friends or family over a lot, then a floor mattress is perfect because you can buy more floor mattresses than regular mattresses at cost comparison. Also, you can move them quickly from one room to another while you are sitting together to have fun and calling it a night to go back to sleep. 

  • Temperature

Sleep Science suggests that your body feels cooler when you sleep on a floor mattress than when you sleep on a bed frame. This temperature difference is because you are closer to the ground on floor mattresses and most regular mattresses tend to get hot quickly. 

Types of Floor Mattresses You Can Choose from

You can choose many floor mattresses, but only a handful of them are worth giving a shot. Most mattresses you can lay on the floor have a short lifespan, but the two mattresses that provide the best comfort and stick around for long enough are given below,

1. Memory Foam Floor Mattress

You can use a memory foam mattress made for the floor indoors and outdoors. You can fold it quickly and put it even in the trunk of your car. If you have enough space in the trunk, lay it to make better space for your kids and family. It has the perfect 6-inch thickness and comes in a variety of sizes to choose from. 

2. Gel Floor Mattress

gel mattress combines gel foam with a sprung or foam base. These mattresses provide extra comfort as the weight gets evenly distributed and does not heat up quickly. It is a new technology and is an upcoming rival for memory foam mattresses.

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