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Mancini's Sleepworld received this email of thanks from our friends at The Santa Clara Fire Department:


To: The Mancini Sleepworld Family

On behalf of the Santa Clara City Firefighter's Foundation and Local 1171, I want to send you all a HUGE thank you for your generous donation of beds, mattresses, and accessories to the Monica Prince Family. All of these gifts of comfort were delivered to this family on April 27th and received with a lot of emotion and tears on the part of the mother.  I think that she just couldn't believe that complete strangers would do this for her.

As a father of young children, "tucking" my children into bed at night is a time when we get to talk about their day, let them know are safe, comforted and loved.  The simple act of sitting on the edge of "their" bed is part of this special routine.

When our crew, through a series of events, came to the realization that these 4 children (Nasje, Isis, Jibi, and Dominic) were sleeping on the floor of this well-kept home each night, I just felt that we had to remedy this situation. As a parent, doing nothing was not an option. So we decided to act.

Without hesitation, Mancini's Sleepworld truly surprised us with your generous donation.  I think it goes without saying that you far exceeded our expectations and showed us the type of "family" that you are at Mancini's.

Monica Prince can now sit on the edge of her children's beds and tuck them in each night. They are not sleeping on the floor any longer. She can tell them that they are safe and they are loved.  Mancini's Sleepworld made that possible.  For that, I forever thank you.  The Santa Clara City Firefighter's Foundation salutes you.


Kind Regards,

Mark C. M.

Engine 5A



We are so happy to help those in need.

Prince Family