Do you feel like you have entered a foreign country when shopping at a mattress sale? If so, then this guide to mattress buying lingo will help you find a bed that suits your needs. 


One of the most used words pertaining to a mattress, a coil is a spring that resists against your body weight, which allows the mattress to keep you supported when you lie down for the night. A coil configuration refers to the manner in which the coils are arranged. Some nicer mattresses will have coils that are wrapped individually so your partner isn’t bothered when you toss and turn in your sleep. 


This term might seem pretty straightforward, but it is very important when it comes to configuring a comfortable bed. In mattress terms, this word refers to the amount of resistance it puts onto you, which will change the way the bed feels. A bed that is not too firm will be ideal for people who prefer less resistance. Make sure to ask the sales person about firmness when looking for your next mattress. 

Pillow Top

For people who do not like hard beds, a pillow top gives you an extra layer of padding to turn any bed or futon into a soft sleeping oasis. With the added layer at the top of the mattress, your bed will also give you more support so you can get a great night’s sleep. You are sure to wake up each morning feeling refreshed and well rested with a pillow top mattress. 

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