Care for your mattressDo you know how to properly maintain your mattress? You may not think much
of it, but your mattress goes through wear and tear, just like the rest
of your furniture. Maintaining your mattress is more than just changing
and cleaning the sheets regularly. For example, did you know that bathing
it in sunlight can make you healthier? After you visit a mattress store
in San Francisco, be sure to care for your
new mattress with the following tips.


Changing the sheets every week or two isn’t the only cleaning that
you should give your mattress. Using protectors isn’t enough, either.
It’s true that changing your sheets can keep your mattress clean,
but you need to go a few steps further: Vacuum it, inspect it for stains, and
put it in the sunlight. Why sunlight? Exposing your mattress to sunlight acts as a natural disinfectant.
This keeps the germs at bay, and consequently, improves your overall health.


Many people don’t seem to know that they should rotate and flip their
mattresses every season. The reason is simple: By rotating your mattress
regularly, you’ll wear your mattress evenly. Not only does this
extend the overall lifetime of your mattress, but it also makes the mattress
more comfortable in the long-term. By wearing it evenly, you’ll
prevent sagging that can occur when the mattress is always being worn
down the same way year in and year out.


You should never let your mattress get or stay wet, as excess moisture
can feed dust mites and mold. A wet mattress will also take on a musty
smell. Make sure your bedding is completely dry after you’ve washed
it before remaking the bed. You may also want a dehumidifier for your
bedroom. If the mattress does get wet, putting it outside where it can
get sun and air is a good option.

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