Whether you look forward to getting into your bed at night depends on how
well you sleep and how comfortable you feel. If you have a partner you
know how difficult this may be. You spend a lot of time sharing a bed
with your partner, so improve the experience by choosing a quality mattress.
You may both have
different bed preferences when it comes to mattresses or sleeping arrangements. Read on for helpful
tips on choosing a mattress that fits your needs as a couple.

What a Quality Mattress Can Do for Couples

Partners often have differing sleep styles or circumstances that affect
one another’s rest at night. An average person can change positions
anywhere from 40 to
60 times a night. This may create issues in your relationship over bed space, or perhaps
one’s movements are disturbing the peace. The right mattress can
give you enough space and be adjusted to fit both partners’ sleeping
needs. Take the time to research your options and consider each other’s
preferences while mattress shopping. Choosing the right mattress will
ensure your wellness as a couple and as individuals.

Consider Your Mattress Options

Discuss as a couple what makes the perfect mattress. This may include firmness
or softness, a king sized or full, or one that is hypoallergenic. Mattresses
can be customized with special features to accommodate you both. If you
have different sleeping schedules, you may want to minimize movement with
a Memory Foam. Choose a therapeutic Tempur-Pedic, or a bed that can have
separate positions on either side. An air top mattress allows you to adjust
the firmness on both sides of the bed.

Visit the Mattress Store Together

When it is time to make the purchase, be sure to go to together to choose
a mattress. Keep each other’s preferences in mind and know where
you’re willing to be flexible. Go ahead and try the mattresses out.
Lie down together on the mattresses of your choice and determine which
one feels right to both of you.

The friendly
sales representatives at Mancini’s Sleepworld are happy to answer all your mattress questions. Let us help you find
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