Thinking about redecorating your teenager’s bedroom, but want to get furniture he or she will like? Start with a central piece, like a bed, and build from there.

  1. Perhaps your teen will prefer a futon to a more conventional bed. With a futon you won’t have to get an extra chair for the room, because your teen will be able to use it as both a bed and a couch. Decorate it with funky pillows and sheets to give it some pizzazz.
  2. Even if your teen isn’t sharing a room, a bunk bed can be a good addition to the setup. Instead of having an extra bed on the bottom, use the space for a desk or a dresser and make the rest of the room look bigger.
  3. Complete the bed with a comfortable mattress, perhaps one you find at a mattress sale, and then decorate with a new bedspread. With the bed as the central piece of the room, you will have a staple piece with which to match the rest of the room.
  4. A simple desk or dresser will be a nice compliment to the beautiful new bed you’ve set up. Try to get the rest of the furniture in colors that work well with the colors you’ve used on the bed. For a finishing touch, paint the walls to your liking and voila! A brand new room for your teenager.

With these foundations set, your teen or tween will feel free to add personal touches to make the room their own. But you can rest assured knowing that you picked out the furniture.

Mancini’s Sleepworld has beds, mattresses and all kinds of other furniture with which to decorate your teenager’s bedroom.

Once you’re done in there, come on down again and redecorate your own bedroom with the fabulous furniture you had your eye on the first time.

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