Most people don’t think of cleaning their mattresses, which explains why many wake up with allergy symptoms or smelly bedding. Maintaining a clean mattress will increase your mattress’ longevity and help you get a better night’s sleep, so look below for helpful cleaning tips.

Keep Moisture Away

Moisture can stain a mattress and lead to bad odors, so avoid drinking on or near the bed. If you do happen to spill or otherwise wet the mattress, soak up as much of the liquid as possible and wait until it is completely dry to dress the bed with linens.

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Vacuum the Mattress

Dust mites and other allergens can settle through the sheets and onto the mattress, so consider vacuuming it every time you wash your sheets. This will keep your mattress soft and clean. Plus, you’ll wake up breathing better each morning.

Keep Your Pets Off the Bed

Just as dust and allergens can seep through the sheets and onto the mattress, so can pet dander and hair, so do your best to keep pets off of the bed. This may be difficult if your pets are used to sleeping with you, but you’ll enjoy a more comfortable and restful night’s sleep without exposure to dander and pet hair.

Use a Mattress Cover Slip

If you can’t give up that glass of water on your nightstand, breakfast in bed, or snoozing with your pets, use a mattress cover slip to protect your mattress. Usually made of vinyl or another durable plastic, cover slips encase the mattress, protecting the fibers from liquid and moisture, dust mites, pet hair, dander, and any other contaminants. Simply wipe it down each time you wash your bed linens and you’ll enjoy a clean and fresh mattress for longer.

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