Beautyrest Black Natasha Plush Pillow Top

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Beautyrest Black Natasha Plush Pillow Top

Sleep is the Ultimate Luxury, in today's over-worked, multi-tasking world of 24/7 access to information and distraction, sleep has become the ultimate luxury, an elusive elixir that many crave, yet few capture. What if you could transform your everyday sleep experience into the extraordinary? A Beautyrest Black mattress allows you to Dream in Black, a transformative experience where daylight ends and luxurious sleep begins. Found only in Beautyrest Black, our Advanced Pocketed Coil Technology helps deliver exceptional conforming back support and pressure relief. Our newest temperature management technology resides in the quilt and can be found in Beautyrest Black. Just below the fabric lies a patent-pending layer of vertically oriented TENCEL fibers designed to dissipate heat helping to keep you cool and comfortable. Our elegant fabric of modal yarn is finished with an exclusive phase change material that works to keep you cool in warm conditions and warm in cool conditions. This seamless integration of high performance technologies and luxurious materials helps your body to maintain an ideal sleeping temperature throughout the night. We seek beauty in all that we say and do. And when luxury Meets Technology, a new kind of beauty is born


  • Circular Knit with Modal Yard cover
  • Sleep Climate Surface Technology with Tencel
  • 1 1/4'' AirFeel Foam
  • 1'' Luxury Firm Comfort Foam
  • 3'' AirCool Gel Memory Foam
  • 1'' BlackICE Micro Diamond Infused Memory Foam
  • 1/2'' Comfort Response Latex
  • Alternating rows of Advanced Pocketed Coil Technology and Beautyrest Pocketed Coil Springs
  • Ventilated AirCool BeautyEdge Foam Encasement
  • 1 1/2'' EnergyFoam
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty

Standard Mattress Size Guide

Sizes vary slightly by vendor and product, Thickness dependents upon firmmess, see product details for info.


39" x 75"


39" x 80"


54" x 75"


60" x 80"


76" x 80"


72" x 84"

Split Mattress Sizes

Split sizes provide adjustable comfort for each side of the bed. A Split-King is the same size as two Twin XL mattresses side-by-side.


38" x 80" (2)

76" x 80" over all


38" x 84" (2)

72" x 84" over all

Mattress Care Instructions

Any new mattress will require some time of adjustment, just like a new pair of shoes. It make take a week or longer for you to get used to your bed, or it may happen that first night. It is important, however, that you properly care for your new sleep investment.

Do I Need a New Boxspring?

We're often asked about new boxsprings, sometimes called foundations. Why throw out a perfectly good box of springs?

If you have owned your mattress for some time, chances are that the boxsprings have borne the brunt of the support over the years. Since the foundation is a key to good sleep support, new boxsprings can provide that support and insure the of life the mattress by reducing wear.

Also, keep in mind that many manufacturers warranty their mattresses only when used in combination with their foundation. Ask one of our representatives before purchase.

Body Impressions

Memory foam, latex and conventional quilted beds can all develop impressions as a result of the material conforming to your body. Body impressions are normal and do not mean that the mattress is defective. However, to prevent excessive body impressions you must rotate your mattress and sleep over the entire surface.

Rotating Your Mattress

Rotating your mattress will condition the materials inside providing lasting comfort and maximizing the life of the product.

In order to properly "break-in" and condition your mattress and to evenly distribute the comfort layers, helping minimized body impressions, it is important that you rotate your mattress. During the "break-in" period rotate the mattress after the first 2~4 weeks, or when body impressions first occur. Remember to sleep over the entire surface.

Stain Protection

One doesn't often consider the possibility of stains when purchasing a new mattress. But since most manufacturer's warranties are valid only on stain-free mattresses, Mancini's Sleepworld recommends a mattress protector be used on all new mattresses. Not only does a quality mattress protector protect from spills but they can also repel allergens, odors and body fluids.

Mancini's offers a Mattress Protection Plan using Protect-A-Bed® Premium mattress protectors to provide you with the best possible protection.


Keep in mind that warranties are valid only when the product is properly cared for. This includes rotating the mattress, using it with a matched foundation, and preventing stains. Each manufacturer has different warranty procedures and Mancini's recommends that you read your warranty carefully and follow its instructions.

Mattress Protection Plan

With our busy schedules, there is barely enough time to eat and sleep! Sometimes we even bring food into bed! Stains and spills can happen, but a stain can ruin your mattress and void your warranty.

Mancini's Sleepworld offers our Mattress Protection plan including Protect-A-Bed® premium mattress protectors to protect your sleep investment from food and beverages, human and pet bodily fluids.

Protect-A-Bed® Premium mattress protectors are guaranteed for 10 years against fabric and manufacturing defects and will protect your warranty when purchased with a mattress set from Mancini's Sleepworld with Protect-A-Bed's spillage warranty.

Mattress protectors are needed for every bed. Every mattress needs protection from allergens, irritants, liquids and stains, protection that a typical mattress cover may not provide. Mancini's Sleepworld provides Protect-A-Bed mattress protectors to keep your mattress clean and promote excellent hygiene. Protect-A-Bed mattress protectors help create a dry, allergy-free sleep environment for people of all ages.

Mancini's also provides Protect-A-Bed® allergy relief solutions that put an impenetrable barrier between you and allergens, allowing you to get the perfect, allergy-free sleep you've always dreamed of.

Protect-A-Bed Mattress Protectors

  • Guaranteed to moderate temperature and enhance sleeping comfort
  • Waterproof yet air vapor porous - acting the same way as human skin
  • Effective in preventing bacteria and dust mites from breeding in your pillow and mattress (a major cause of asthma, eczema and rhinitis)
  • Protects mattresses from stains (accidental spills, perspiration, bodily fluids)
  • Machine washable on hot, tumble dry medium
  • Especially helpful in cases of incontinence
  • Ultra thin with four-way stretch does not detract from the comfort of the mattress
  • Can be used on all visco elastic, inner spring and latex mattresses
  • Fitted-sheet style
  • Expandable skirt ensures mattress protector fits any depth of mattress (8" to 20")
  • Wash durability rating: > 200 washes
  • Soft and super absorbent
  • Can be sterilized at 121° C/250° F
  • Tested for harmful substances according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100
Contact your nearest Mancini's Sleepworld for complete information and details or visit Protect-A-Bed.
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