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  1. Your Complete Shopping Guide for Sheets

    Washing your sheets every one to two weeks is ideal for better hygiene and comfort, but all that washing can eventually wear out your bedding. If your sheets are starting to wear thin or feel less than luxurious, it’s time to head for the mattress store for a new set. Consider purchasing an extra set of sheets so that you can get the bed made while one set is in the washing machine.

    Thread Count

    Thread count is often considered the most important factor to think about when purchasing sheets. But what does it actually mean? Quite simply, the higher the thread count, the more threads there are running vertically and horizontally in each square inch. Most sheets have an average thread count of about 300. Many consumers prefer choosing a high thread count sheet because it’s expected to be softer and feels more luxurious. When examining the label for the thread count, look for a measurement of “TC,” such as 300tc.


    Ply goes hand-in-hand with thread count in determining quality. The ply simply refers to the number of threads wrapped together to form one single thread. A double-ply sheet uses threads that are made of two threads wrapped together. Double-ply fabrics are considered more luxurious than single-ply fabrics.


    Along with considering the thread count and ply, you should take a look at the type of material the sheet is made from. Egyptian cotton is one of the most popular materials for sheets because of its luxurious touch and exceptional comfort. It’s made from handpicked cotton, which makes it more durable. Pima cotton is another popular choice. It’s made from fine, long fibers for a very soft weave. Microfiber sheets are made from polyester. These sheets are quite thin but very strong and smooth.

    Mancini’s Sleepworld wants your bed to be nothing less than a sanctuary of superior comfort. We stock bedding, including fine linens, Egyptian cotton sheets, and even Portuguese flannel, along with our finely crafted mattresses and mattress protectors. Call (800) 647-5337 or swing by one of our 33 locations in northern California.

  2. What Exactly Is a Euro-Top?

    Lots of descriptive words are used regarding mattresses, including Euro-top. If you’re ever confused about your choices, just head over to a mattress store to chat with a representative. You can also try out the floor models to see for yourself how Euro-top mattresses feel in comparison to the other choices. In terms of comfort, construction, and softness, Euro-top beds are nearly identical to pillow top mattresses.

    Like a pillow top, a Euro-top has an extra layer of cushioning sewn on the top of the bed. It provides additional comfort on top of the innerspring coils. However, if you do a side-by-side comparison of pillow tops and Euro-tops, you’ll see that the Euro-top is uniformly stacked—there’s no distinct border between the extra cushion and the rest of the mattress. Pillow tops do have this distinct border. In both choices, the composition of the extra cushioning layer is either foam or fiberfill.

    At our 33 locations in California, Mancini’s Sleepworld proudly carries both pillow top and Euro-top mattresses made by world-class brands, including Serta, Sealy, and Stearns and Foster. Call (800) 647-5337 to find a mattress store near you.

  3. Momentum for Mental Health Golf Tournament

    Here is a picture of the Momentum for Mental Health Golf Tournament @ Los Altos Country Club that we were proud to sponsor. 

    Pictured is Mike DelMonaco(Fremont Store Manager) and David Christie (South Bay District Manager)

    Golf Tourney

  4. South Bay Bocce

    Here are 3 pictures from our South Bay Managers Meetings at Campo Di Bocce in Los Gatos.  

    The winning Team pictured below was Bob (Gilroy), Ted (Sunnyvale), Scott (Colma) and Jonathan (Union City).

    photo 3

  5. Saratoga Store- 5 Star Rating on Yelp!

    Saratoga Store

    Our Saratoga Store just hit 5 stars on Yelp!

  6. Mancini's Sleepworld Black Friday Specials!


    Whew! I found the caps-lock! Doors open 8am Friday only.
    We are closed on Thanksgiving!

  7. Los Lomitas Elementary School Enjoys Bean Bags Courtesy of Mancini's Sleepworld!

    Happy Students!

    Our Redwood City store was happy to support Mrs. Gelb's class and all the great work they do at Los Lomitas Elementary! Enjoy the bean bags, kids!

  8. Happy Halloween from Mancini's Sleepworld!

    Mancini's Sleepworld Crew!

    Our wacky crew dressed and enjoying Halloween Lunch!

  9. Accounting Team Taking a Quick Break!

    Photo While our art department was taking photos of a new mattress, our Accounting team couldn't help but take a break and test it out!

    While our art department was taking photos of a new mattress, our Accounting team couldn't help but take a break and test it out!

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