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Which Mattress Is Right for Your Child?

kids mattress bay areaIf you are in the market for a mattress in San Francisco for your child, you need to consider many things. What size is appropriate—that is, are you looking for a mattress your child will grow into or one your child will use for only a year or two? What kind of mattress are you interested in? Do you care about exactly what materials are used? Having a basic idea of what you want and need can help you find the right mattress for your child. Be sure to do your research before you head to the mattress store and don’t be afraid to ask questions while you are there.

The Right Size

Choosing the right size of mattress for your child shouldn’t have to be tricky. First off, your decision hinges on how old and how tall your child is; a sales associate at your mattress store can help you evaluate these factors. Next, you have to decide what you want from a potential mattress. If you are looking for longevity—something that your child can grow into over the course of a few years—pick a larger-sized model. Otherwise, plan to purchase mattresses according to your child’s growth spurts. Another factor to address may be whether or not you are replacing a mattress on an existing bed or frame. If you are, you need to choose a mattress that fits snuggly into the frame.

The Right Type

Mattresses come in different types, such as innerspring, foam and memory foam, gel, and pillow top. Remember to keep your child in mind. For example, if you decide on an innerspring mattress, purchase one that has an appropriate number of wire coils to support your child’s weight. Ideally, you want to get a mattress with the highest amount of coils within your budget.

The Right Materials

If you are concerned with what materials are used in manufacturing a particular mattress, do your due diligence and have questions prepared for your mattress sales representative. Some children are allergic to certain construction materials that are commonly used in the industry, so be careful when choosing.

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Advice for Selecting a Memory Foam Mattress

If you’ve decided that a memory foam mattress is right for you, there’s still some research that you have to do. You may think of Tempur-Pedic, but which one do you choose? Mancini’s Sleepworld is a top mattress store in San Francisco with a large variety of memory foam mattresses. So before you come in, watch this video to better inform your decision.

The main factors that you should consider are size and density. As with any mattress, you want to choose a size that will help you sleep better by giving you and your partner enough room. You should also choose a density that feels comfortable for you. Remember, you spend about a third of your life sleeping, so make sure your bed is comfortable!

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Exploring the Benefits of Memory Foam

Memory foam San FranciscoIf you’re getting ready to throw out your worn-out mattress, you may want to consider purchasing a memory foam mattress as its replacement. San Francisco mattress store professionals are always eager to share the numerous benefits that this mattress style has to offer, including its ability to reduce back pain. Memory foam responds to heat from the body’s various pressure points and uses that reaction to evenly distribute weight throughout the mattress. In doing so, the mattress minimizes stress on areas like the shoulders, hips, and lumbar spine.

Memory foam mattresses from name brands like Tempur-Pedic also minimize movement, making them a great option for couples. If one person turns to adjust his or her position, the other person will not be disturbed, meaning both will wake feeling well rested in the morning. To learn more about memory foam, call Mancini’s Sleepworld at (888) 595-5527.

Is a King-Sized Bed Right for You?

King-sized mattress bay areaDo you need a new mattress? Choosing the right mattress at your San Francisco mattress store is probably one of the most important decisions you’ll make for your daily life, as good sleep is the foundation for good health. A king-sized bed may give you the space you need to get the sleep you deserve, but how do you decide if it’s right for you?

Putting aside many other factors, size is obviously the most important aspect of king-sized mattresses. Of course you’ll want a mattress that fits in your bedroom. If you barely have enough space to squeeze in a king-sized mattress, leaving little room to walk alongside the bed, it might not be the right choice for you. But if you’re living with a significant other, have kids or pets, or any or all of the above, a king-sized bed is a great option. Ultimately, if the extra mattress space will allow you to stretch out and feel more comfortable, then the extra size is worth the money.

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