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A Guide to Caring for Your Mattress

Care for your mattressDo you know how to properly maintain your mattress? You may not think much of it, but your mattress goes through wear and tear, just like the rest of your furniture. Maintaining your mattress is more than just changing and cleaning the sheets regularly. For example, did you know that bathing it in sunlight can make you healthier? After you visit a mattress store in San Francisco, be sure to care for your new mattress with the following tips.


Changing the sheets every week or two isn’t the only cleaning that you should give your mattress. Using protectors isn’t enough, either. It’s true that changing your sheets can keep your mattress clean, but you need to go a few steps further: Vacuum it, inspect it for stains, and put it in the sunlight. Why sunlight? Exposing your mattress to sunlight acts as a natural disinfectant. This keeps the germs at bay, and consequently, improves your overall health.


Many people don’t seem to know that they should rotate and flip their mattresses every season. The reason is simple: By rotating your mattress regularly, you’ll wear your mattress evenly. Not only does this extend the overall lifetime of your mattress, but it also makes the mattress more comfortable in the long-term. By wearing it evenly, you’ll prevent sagging that can occur when the mattress is always being worn down the same way year in and year out.


You should never let your mattress get or stay wet, as excess moisture can feed dust mites and mold. A wet mattress will also take on a musty smell. Make sure your bedding is completely dry after you’ve washed it before remaking the bed. You may also want a dehumidifier for your bedroom. If the mattress does get wet, putting it outside where it can get sun and air is a good option.

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Exploring Bed Frame Options for Your New Mattress

You may be surprised at the number of options available to you when looking at different types of bed frames, especially at your San Francisco mattress store. There are canopies, four-posts, sleighs, and more. Choosing the right bed frame for your mattress may appear difficult, but fear not: Even though there are many bed frames available, picking a good bed frame is often simply about personal preference.


Of course, the most practical consideration when choosing a bed frame is the size. If it can’t fit, you can’t use it. However, this is also something that can be easy to overlook. Just make sure that you measure your bedroom’s and mattress’s dimensions prior to looking for the perfect bed frame—and don’t forget to measure height too! By doing this, you can readily determine if the headboard, footboard, posts, or anything else about the bed frame simply won’t fit where you intend to put the bed.


When trying to find the right style of bed frame, you’ll quickly discover the wide variety of styles available. However, the most important part of choosing the ideal bed frame is simply understanding the lingo. The fact that it’s called a sleigh bed frame doesn’t actually change the way it sits in your room, after all. But if you don’t know that what you want is called a “sleigh,” it could be quite difficult to find.


Finally, be sure to consider the environment that the bed itself will be sitting in. A modern-looking bed frame won’t match so well in a less-contemporary room. Similarly, a rustic, hefty bed frame won’t sit well in a room full of minimal modern art and white walls. If you’re shopping with your children, let them have some input, as well!

If you’re still at a loss as to what would look best with your bed and bedroom, bring a picture with you to compare against the candidate bed frame. A picture can also come in handy to show your salesperson at Mancini’s Sleepworld in San Francisco. For help with your bed frame purchase, browse our collection online, or call us at (888) 541-2872.

Picking the Right Furniture for Small Bedrooms

Furniture in CaliforniaDecorating any small room can be a challenge; however, bedrooms that lack a generous amount of square footage can be especially difficult to work with. With the right amount of planning and a little help from the professionals at a San Francisco mattress store, you can trick the eye and create a cozy, comfortable space to rest your head. Here is our guide to picking the right furniture for small bedrooms.

Prioritize Functionality

Shopping for small spaces is far easier these days than it once was. Many bedroom furniture manufacturers and retailers offer stylish yet functional pieces that can serve double duty by offering plenty of storage space. Look for armoires and cabinets that take up very little floor space but instead offer generous storage vertically. Beds that offer storage below or even built-in cabinets are also a must for tight bedroom spaces.

Keep the Color Palette Tranquil

Another way to trick the eye into thinking that a bedroom is larger is to select a bed and other furniture that is finished in a lighter color. Opt for neutrals like creams, whites, and earth tones for synthetic materials, and choose light varieties of wooden furniture such as almond, birch, or cherry beds and cabinets. Complement this calm palette with accessories that offer a pop of color to give the space some character.

Create a Focal Point

Lastly, be sure to create a focal point in the room by placing the bed in the center. Strategically placing the headboard and footboard in the middle of the room will make the space feel organized and well put together, which will have the effect of making it appear larger instead of crowded. Additional furniture such as a sofa can be placed at the foot of the bed to add functional sitting space in the room.

If you’re struggling to furnish a small bedroom, visit Mancini’s Sleepworld today. We offer a wide selection of beautiful bedroom furniture for you to choose from. Call (888) 595-5527 to learn more about our products .

Can Changing Your Mattress Relieve Your Chronic Pain?

Mattress pain relief near San FranciscoIt comes as a surprise to many to learn that chronic pain and poor sleep quality go hand in hand. If you are constantly suffering from aches in your upper or lower back or find yourself complaining of frequent headaches, it may be time to visit a mattress store in San Francisco to invest in a better bed. Here is a closer look at how changing your mattress could relieve your chronic pain.

Fully Supporting the Entire Spine

Older, worn-down mattresses are often responsible for chronic pain in the back because they are incapable of fully supporting every part of the spine. In order to avoid aches and pains, you need to ensure that the spine is supported at the base of the neck, at the mid-torso range behind the belly button, and at the base above the hips and pelvis. A mattress should resist pressure from bones and muscles supporting the spine, thereby cushioning it.

Maintaining the Back’s Natural Curve

In addition to cushioning the back and surrounding joints at pressure points, a mattress can improve or prevent pain by supporting the natural “C-shaped curve” of the lumbar region of the back. In order to do so, a bed from Serta, Beautyrest, or Sealy should offer plenty of space for you to curve your body according to its natural form. It should also support your hips, as tension placed on this body part will exacerbate back discomfort.

Selecting the Right Mattress

While it may be clear that the right mattress can eliminate or reduce pain, it can be difficult to know which mattress is right for your particular needs. Mattress store professionals are a great resource for guidance and will likely encourage you to try out various models from quality manufacturers like Serta and Tempur-Pedic. Make sure to upgrade your box spring as well to get the best possible results.

Are you ready to make the switch to a new mattress? If so, head into Mancini’s Sleepworld or call us at (888) 595-5527.