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Surprising Health Benefits of Getting a Good Night Sleep


You know that you feel great after a good night of sleep, but do you know why? Keep reading to find out just how much the time on your mattress can improve the hours of your waking life:

Better Memory Retention

The brain uses the sleeping hours as time to recharge. If you are able to get a full night of restful sleep, the mind has the opportunity to make memories stronger and even practice skills that you learned during the day. If you want to memorize a list of definitions before a big test or pick up a new talent, it is imperative to get plenty of sleep to let your brain function at its best.

Improved Overall Health

Inflammation is one of the leading factors of serious diseases like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis, and even early aging. Researchers have found that people who sleep fewer than six hours in a night are more likely to have more inflammation. Start improving your nightly sleep routine to lower your risk for diseases like these and enjoy a healthier life.

A More Focused Attention Span

If you find that you have difficulty concentrating on one task for long periods of time, you might not be sleeping enough. Kids who do not get enough sleep might actually start to display some symptoms of disorders like ADHD. A good night of sleep might be all you need to feel more focused and attentive during the day.

If you are not sleeping well, your mattress could be the culprit. Come in to Mancini’s Sleepworld today to check out an iComfort Sleep System, a memory foam mattress, or a Tempur-Pedic mattress and start improving the way you sleep. For more information on our selection of quality products or locations, visit us online or call (800) 641-5337.

A Brief History of Aireloom Mattresses


Since you spend roughly one third of your life sleeping, choosing the perfect mattress is extremely important. If you’re in the market for a new mattress, you should have Aireloom mattresses near the top of your list. These supremely comfortable mattresses have been helping Americans sleep well for over 40 years.

Since Aireloom mattresses first came on the scene, consumers knew they were truly special. These mattresses have always been very comfortable, and quickly became a favorite among the country’s most influential people. When he became president, Ronald Reagan allegedly had every bedroom in the White House outfitted with an Aireloom mattress. Aireloom continues to make outstanding mattresses that use the finest materials available and feature hand-crafted finishing. The natural cotton, premium latex foam, and Joma wool make Aireloom mattresses some of the most comfortable mattresses out there.

To try out Aireloom mattresses yourself, come by one of 31 Mancini’s Sleepworld locations in Northern California. You can call (800) 641-5337 if you have any specific questions about Aireloom or other popular mattress brands.

How the Beautyrest Recharge Offers the Ultimate in Support and Comfort

Beautyrest Recharge

Your mattress is by far the most important furniture item in your home. Think about it—what other piece of furniture do you use for eight hours every day? To ensure that your joints are properly supported and you can rest comfortably each night, you should carefully consider which mattress you will sleep on for the next seven to ten years. Once you get to the mattress store, you’ll find the Beautyrest Recharge mattresses to be serious contenders.

Pocketed Coil

Part of what makes the Beautyrest Recharge mattresses so comfortable is the Pocketed Coil Unit. The 800 density coils allow Recharge mattresses to have just the right amount of give; not too firm and not too soft. Goldilocks would absolutely love these mattresses.


The summer is fast approaching, which means Northern California is in for plenty of hot, balmy nights. Another key aspect of Beautyrest Recharge mattresses is the AirCool foam, which promotes airflow through the mattress. Thanks to the AirCool foam, you can turn down the air conditioner at night without being uncomfortably hot. Some Recharge mattresses come with AirCool Memory Foam, which provides ample air flow while adjusting to the contours of your body.  

Gel Foam

Finally, the specially formulated GelTouch foam serves as the Beautyrest Recharge pièce de résistance. This plush layer of foam offers additional comfort that helps evenly distribute the pressure your body places on your mattress. It’s important for your body to be properly aligned as you sleep—that way, you’re more likely to avoid low back pain, neck pain, or knee pain. GelTouch and the other Recharge features can provide ample support and help you get a good night’s sleep every night.

Mancini’s Sleepworld has several Beautyrest Recharge mattresses for you and your partner to try. Come by any of our 31 Northern California locations to speak with a representative, and call (800) 641-5337 with any preliminary questions.