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Will an Adjustable Bed Base Help You Sleep Better?

Adjustable iComfort Mattress

Sometimes, even the best mattress isn’t quite enough to provide you with a good night’s sleep. For the most sensitive sleepers, or people with certain medical conditions, an adjustable bed base can be the long-awaited solution to getting proper rest. When you combine a comfortable and supportive memory foam mattress with an adjustable bed base, you can get the customized comfort you need so that you wake feeling rested. Keep reading to find out if an adjustable bed base will help you sleep better.

The Support You Need
When you sleep on a flat surface, certain muscles and joints can actually remain tense because they are not properly supported. Every person’s body is naturally curved, and having your entire body in alignment can allow you to get the sleep you need. An adjustable base bed lets you sleep in the position that is most comfortable for you, which for many people is not completely flat. You can adjust the head or the foot of the bed so that your body is fully supported.

Relief from Health Problems
Getting the right amount of sleep is important for people of all ages, but individuals with certain medical conditions may have a hard time getting the rest they need. Mattresses with an adjustable base can provide relief for people who suffer from lower back pain, arthritis, asthma, and even acid reflux. By adjusting the head and foot of the bed, you can sleep in the position that offers you the most relief from pesky aches and pains or more severe health conditions.

Proper Pressure Distribution
One of the problems people experience on traditional flat bed bases is an uneven distribution of pressure. When there is too much pressure on any one area of the body, it can lead to you waking up many times during the night to reposition yourself and even difficulty falling back asleep. An adjustable bed base evenly distributes pressure so you can sleep through the night.

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If the time has come for you to start thinking about a new mattress, take a look at the models offered in the iComfort Sleep System line. You can explore all of the benefits that these mattresses have to offer by clicking through the links below.

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See How the iComfort Sleep System Can Help You Live in Constant Luxury

Interior designers around the country can’t say enough about the unique charms of Serta’s iComfort Sleep System. As you will learn in this video, the system features a series of innovative and attractive mattresses that can be customized to fit each person’s specific sleep needs. One model that’s grabbing its fair share of attention is the adjustable frame bed, which allows the user to elevate both the top and bottom of the bed to accommodate the body.

Each mattress in the iComfort system also features cool action gel memory foam, which stays cool to the touch throughout the night. If you’d like to learn more about the ways that a Serta iComfort mattress can keep you cool and comfortable each night, call Mancini’s Sleepworld today at (800) 641-5337. 


Which Sleep Position Will Offer You the Most Comfort Every Night?

Sweet dreams

Before heading to your local mattress store to pick your new Serta mattress or iComfort Sleep System model, you need to determine your sleep position. Your sleep position says a lot about the quality of sleep you achieve each night as well as your needs in both a mattress and pillow. Take a look at these points to figure out which sleep position will offer you the most comfort:

Side Sleepers Can Maximize Comfort by Supporting Hips
When picking out a Serta mattress, side sleepers should choose a model that isn’t too firm, as it can put more pressure on the hips. This sleep position is the healthiest for sleepers, who can make it even more comforting by using a moderate pillow for support.

Stomach Sleepers Should Bid Farewell to Head Pillows
Unfortunately for stomach sleepers, this is the worst position for your health, as it strains the neck. In order to avoid this tension, say goodbye to your head pillow, and opt for a body pillow, which can be placed under your hips.

Back Sleepers Need to Add Extra Support to the Lumbar Region
Sleeping on your back is taxing on the respiratory system. That’s why it’s not uncommon for back sleepers snoring. If you aren’t able to change your sleep position, do your back a big favor by providing plenty of lumbar support with help from pillows under the knees and your lower back. 

All Sleepers Should Determine Their Positions Before Shopping
In order to determine your true sleep position, pay attention to how you wake up each morning. This position says more about your body’s natural preference than does your position when you go to bed each night.

Once you’ve determined your sleep position preference, visit your nearest Mancini’s Sleepworld. Our showroom consultants are experienced in helping clients find the perfect Sealy, Simmons, or Serta mattress for their bodies’ needs. To learn more about the high-end name brands that we carry, visit us online or call us at (800) 641-5337.